Stephan Pastis – 10 With Tom

10 With Tom 10 questions in 10 minutes I got the chance to ask Stephan Pastis, creator of the comic strip, Pearls Before Swine, my Ten With Tom questions last July. I do the Ten With Tom feature once in awhile for the Huffington Post. Stephan has one of the most popular comic strips around, his […]

10 things you didn’t know about Rina Piccolo’s groove

10 With Tom 10 questions in 10 minutes Rina Piccolo is a syndicated cartoonist, best known for her daily comic strip “Tina’s Groove,” which revolves around Tina, a waitress at Pepper’s Fine Dining Restaurant. Tina’s Grove started in 2002 and is distributed by King Features Syndicate. She also does lots of other single panel work […]

10 things you didn’t know about best-selling author Brad Meltzer

10 With Tom 10 questions in 10 minutes Brad Meltzer is a well known, best selling novelist who writes political thrillers and non-fiction. He’s also a comic book author, having written for DC Comics’ Green Arrow, also Superman/Batman, Justice League of America series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and so many more. Brad is also well-known […]

10 things you didn’t know about ‘Naked & Afraid’s’ Ryan Holt

10 With Tom 10 questions in 10 minutes You probably know Ryan Holt, a favorite survivalist, from the Discovery Channel’s hit, “Naked and Afraid” and “Naked and Afraid XL“ – “Survivor” on steroids. Ryan is a friend in my head, that’s why I reached out to him. “Naked and Afraid,” now in its 5th season is […]

Scott Adams – Ten With Tom

10 With Tom 10 questions in 10 minutes After looking over the 10 With Tom I did with Stephan Pastis, Pearls Before Swine cartoonist, I thought why not ask the 10 questions of Scott Adams, creator and Dilbert cartoonist, after all, it was Scott who was Stephan’s tipping point. He liked the strip when it […]

NY Comic Con is coming up

I’m headed to New York this weekend in anticipation of New York Comic Con which starts Thursday, October 5. I think it’s the best time of year – October in New York and Comic Con combined. It’s perfect. Being in Union Square in October is special, too. It’s usually the first thing I do when […]

Two funny ladies

I did a 10 With Tom recently with cartoonist Rina Piccolo who does/did the Tina’s Groove comic strip. Well, recently it was announced that Rina has ended Tina’s Groove and has teamed up with Hilary Price to do the Rhymes With Orange comic strip together. Rina emailed me to apologize for not being able to […]