Hand Drawn Life

I watched this great documentary on cartooning yesterday, called “Hand Drawn Life.” You can see it here on Vimeo and if you have a smart tv, you can watch it on the large screen. It’s listed as “HDL_FINAL_FULL_Texted_1205 from Tom Tanquary” if you search for it.

“Hand Drawn Life” recently won a Los Angeles Area Emmy Award for best Independent Programming for its airing on KCET-PBS.

It’s about the history of cartooning, but also a lot about current cartooning and comics and it features cartoonists talking about their work. The film talks about the impact on society and reader’s lives, who follow their favorite comics for generations.

A couple of other great cartooning documentaries that I’ve seen are Dear Mr. Watterson, which is on Amazon Prime and I think you can purchase it on the internet, too, and Stripped, which is available for purchase for as little as $4.99.

The Mr. Watterson film is of course about Bill Watterson and Calvin and Hobbes and Stripped is about cartooning and cartoonists and talks/interviews 70 cartoonists, which is very enjoyable. It was part of Kickstarter campaign a few years back which I had donated to.

I eat this stuff up and if you are into cartooning these are three great films. There are so many cartoonist interviews that I find interesting and enjoyable. Here is the Google search with a list of them.