Tom’s cartoons have appeared in numerous print publications and online.

Tom has been drawing and cartooning ever since he could hold a crayon. He has this blog tied in with his daily comic panel which explains a lot of his process and build up to drawing the comic panel along with pop culture and the arts.

“One of my biggest cartooning influences is Charles Schulz, I loves his simple style and way of story telling. Also most of Hanna Barbera, especially The Flintstones. “One of the first characters I could draw was Fred Flintstone,” says Tom. “To this day, I love Popeye and Hazel, I read them daily.”

Over the years, Tom would draw for different publications and his work appeared in newspapers and magazines and other places, but life takes you in other directions and he ended up doing other things. For many years he owned a printing/marketing business and before that he ran a company that typeset and printed publications like school newspapers and books.

Tom is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post where he publishes single panel comics and does a number of interviews with artists and performers. Recently Tom started a section called Ten With Tom, which asks 10 random questions of people which is answered in 10 minutes or less.

For 15 years, he’s has been the editor and publisher of the Coconut Grove Grapevine, the daily news of Coconut Grove, Florida (a small sailing village in the heart of Miami).

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