After the storm

So I’m back on the grid after Hurricane Irma. Power, internet and tv are up and running.

I had gotten power back fast but went a week without tv and internet, barely, what I mean is that I have ATT U-verse and my upstairs neighbor has Comcast. His Comcast was working so he gave me his password and I managed to get work done using his internet right down here in my own living room Very great neighbor.

The tv I sort of made due by watching shows On Demand on my cell phone, which worked during the outages. And as I previously stated, I would watch a Harold Lloyd movie or two each evening. So I managed.

Of course compared to Mexico’s earthquake and Hurricane Maria’s damage to Puerto Rico, I don’t have any problems and I am grateful. To think of all that damage and in Puerto Rico, they are saying that the whole country, that’s 100%, are without power.

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