Seeing double; a good sign

IMG_1252I’m feeling very good about things these days. This Manhattanhenge proves it. Isn’t it good luck? I captured this shot the other day.

I also see the two people who bought my comics out of the blue as good luck, the fact that they were back to back unrelated buyers. For years this was the case with me.

I always had good luck. I willed things. I was always in the right place at the right time and I think maybe 10 years ago or less, things started changing. I was always a minute or two late for something, not in the right place at the right place anymore.

I sell promotional items. Almost once a week, I would get signs – I would get double orders withing minutes, if not seconds of each other. If Pepsi ordered frisbees, Coke ordered frisbees, within a minute of each other. If a high school ordered flags, within a minute another high school ordered flags. If a guy name Oscar ordered something another guy named Oscar ordered something. This became the norm.

It has been a long time since that happened, but the two ladies buying comics within minutes of each other was a good sign.

The next day I got another double order – for post it notes. But they were not regular square post it notes. They were thought bubble shaped – you know, like from comic strips. Comic strips! There is the tie-in. But get this – a guy buys them and then within a minute another guy buys them.

They aren’t a regular item, in fact, the last time I sold that shape post it note was to the first guy who was reordering the pads from a previous order from the year before. He was in New York state, the other guy is in Springfield, IL. Another weird happy coincidence and they are comic strip related.

I’m seeing good things ahead. I could go on and on about the signs I have received over the years but all this doubling stuff means a lot, especially to a Gemini like myself.

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