The real super heroes

A few years ago I was in the hospital for eight days and I got such an appreciation for everyone who worked there, especially the nurses. While the doctors were in and out sparingly, the nurses did everything, every day. But the whole hospital staff were heroes, they were angels to me, even down to the guy who changed the light bulb.

They all treated me with love and respect and you can imagine now how extra special all of these people are. They are there to help others. Every day of their lives. That’s their calling.

I vowed to volunteer at the hospital, because even the volunteers were wonderful to me. But I never did it. I’m not sure why, it’s so easy, the hospital is right next door, I can walk over.

My cousin volunteers at a hospital in New York, she does something there every Saturday. I thought she volunteered at the Elmhurst Hospital that they keep talking about on the news – ground zero for caronavirus in our country. She lives near there, but she is not at that hospital, but another cousin is – he is a cop in NY, that’s his precinct. He is at that hospital three days a week. I worry about them, I’m close to my cousins, they are like brothers and sisters to me.

Of course the hospital workers are not the only super heroes out there today – the police, the fire departments, the transit workers, all the service workers, all the people who put their lives on the line by simply leaving the house in the day are the super heroes including the grocery store workers, the teachers, etc.

I love the memes I see these days with Batman and Superman and all the superheros saluting the healthcare workers.

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