The IRS letter

Informed delivery by USPS

I get pictures of my mail early in the morning so that I know what’s coming in the mail that day. I did this awhile back so when I’m traveling I can see if something important arrived and needs my attention. I have one of my neighbors take my mail in when I’m out of town, so I can easily ask her to open a particular piece if need be and I’m up to date with whatever it is.

Of course, that has never happened yet, but never-the-less, I have pictures of my mail come about 9 am each day. You can get this service, too, if you want, it’s called Informed Delivery, a service of the US Postal Service.

The issue with my mail is that it arrives about 6 pm, which sucks. The day is over by the time the mail arrives, but even worse, when you see something in the Informed Delivery email – good or bad – you have to wait for it to arrive all day.

The other morning, I saw that the IRS sent me a letter. What was it? Did I owe them money? Was I in trouble? It didn’t appear to be a check, so all day I worried about it.

At about 5:30 pm (the delivery was early that day), I ran out and got the mail. The letter from the IRS was informing me that my refund, which should have arrived months ago, is going to have interest added to it, since the IRS is late with it. I can relax now after worrying all day.

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One thought on “The IRS letter

  1. Same here. We’ve used Informed Delivery for years but the problem sometimes is that an item appears in the scan but isn’t actually delivered for a day or two – leaving me to wonder and figure out the worst case scenario.


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