Village life

As I was leaving from getting the MRI the other day, I ran into my UPS delivery guy. I live next door to the hospital, so we share UPS, Amazon, FedEx and the US mail carrier. I’ve seen them all over at the hospital one time or other.

I walk over to the hospital often, because I’m walking around the neighborhood and I walk on their campus/grounds and I walk over to get lunch sometimes, there are a couple of restaurants there. So I get take-out.

I was telling the UPS guy about my MRI and my hernia. He wanted to know what I was lifting that gave me a hernia when I told him about it. Who knows. Something at the gym I suspect.

I’ve know the UPS guy for years, we have each other’s phone numbers, he knows my brothers. A couple of Friday’s ago, I was waiting for my new iphone to be delivered, it got to be about 6 pm and I called him and asked, “Where is my iphone?” He laughed and said he was on his way. They deliver all day to the hospital and other businesses in the village and then get to us late in the day.

In the past as I was walking around the downtown area in the village, he would see me and give me my packages right there on the spot, earlier in the day, so I wouldn’t have to wait till 6 pm and sometimes 7 pm for delivery.

When I was in NY recently, he called me from Miami, to ask me to call a neighbor because he had a delivery that need to be signed for and the neighbor wasn’t answering his door. So I called my neighbor back in Miami from NY and he got his delivery from UPS.

I was talking about the oncologist in the last post. Well, back then I was sitting in the waiting room and in walked the UPS guy and after him the FedEx guy and they both saw me sitting there and almost started crying. They asked if I was ok, how I was doing. They literally had tears in their eyes. I told them I was fine.

Recently I saw my mail carrier there when I walked over for lunch. I said, “You deliver here, too?” She said, “It’s part of my route!” I said, “No wonder we get our mail so late in the day!” And she laughed. I didn’t, I don’t like getting mail at 5 pm.

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