What’s Comic Con without the cosplay?

Elite Con, a comic convention in Tampa Florida has announced that cosplay is not permitted at their event this weekend. It doesn’t seem to be anything new with them, they said that their market is premium collectors and it’s not a Comic Con like you would see in San Diego or New York. I get it.

But years ago, I left a Comic Con in New Orleans because there wasn’t much cosplay. It wasn’t that cosplay wasn’t permitted, it’s just that people just didn’t dress up, which I found odd for a city like New Orleans.

I enjoy New York Comic Con each year, I’ve never been to the San Diego Comic Con. I love the New York Comic Con because of the cosplay and can’t imagine it without cosplay. I don’t dress up myself, but I love what I see there. It’s all part of the fun. What I love about the New York event too is that it’s October and it’s New York. October in New York and Comic Con, all rolled into one. Perfect.

I look forward to attending again this year. It’s one of my favorite parts of the year. I took these photos a few years ago at New York Comic Con.

The Laramie Peacock

This is the Laramie Peacock. Those of you of a certain age have probably seen it 1000 times. It was used to introduce color programs on NBC.

It’s called the “Laramie Peacock” because the first time it was shown was right before the tv western Laramie. It was the first time the peacock fanned out with the soft woodwind music played in the background. I just thought it was funny that of all the names it could have been called, it’s named after the first show that it lead into.

The Laramie Peacock ran from 1962 to 1975.

nbcIt sure beats this “N” that was used from 1976 to 1979.


Laramie cast on TV Guide

The Lyceum Theatre

lyceumI love this picture. It was taken in 1917. You can see the Lyceum Theatre sort of at the center, see it, next to the Loews sign? I was at a play at that exact theater last summer, 99 years later! We saw Jesse Tyler Ferguson in “Fully Committed,” a one man play.

I had a couple of premonitions that night. Stupid, but they played out as I described.

Before the play started, I told my cousin, who was seated next to me that the guy seated next to me would have his phone ring during the play. And it did. The only phone to ring! Jesse looked at the guy from the stage and made a joke of it, even though he was annoyed, but right on cue, the guy’s phone rang.

I also said something about spitting would happen. I wasn’t sure what, but I saw in my head that Jesse would spit on the stage or the audience. By accident. And he did. He talked so much during the play that at one point he just spat. Right onto the front row! He laughed about it and played it off, but it happened.

Now if I could only get a premonition about tonight’s lottery numbers!


This is the Lyceum Theatre stage last summer.


Lake Worth’s Street Painting Festival

I went to the 23rd Annual Lake Worth Street Painting Festival on Sunday. I go with friends every year (that’s me in the top blog nameplate at last year’s event). It’s a great event in the small town of Lake Worth which is in Palm Beach County, Florida.

They claim 100,000 people attend the event and that there are 600 artists participating. It does get crowded. The streets are shut down in the center of town and art takes over the streets. Amazing art. Here are some photos I took.

Kodak cameras


I saw these old cameras online the other day, they brought back so many memories. I remember having a Vivitar camera like this and one like the Kodak below.


This Kodak pocket Instamatic brought me back, too. I remember getting this exact one for my birthday one year.


I remember how cool it was in the box just like this. It had that weird extender for the flash club, remember, there were four flashes on a square cube. And the film was a cassette. I wonder what happened to mine. Did we just throw it out? I have to check my old closet at my parents’ house one day, it’s got to be in there.


When I was older, maybe in my 20s, I worked for a department store, in the camera department for awhile. We sold tons of these little cassette films.

filmAnd we developed so many cassettes, too. A guy would pick them up the cassettes and then deliver the photographs in envelopes to the store.

My favorite new app – VideoCam

I found this cool new app, which is now my favorite iPhone app. It’s called VideoCam.

I was looking for something that would allow me to video different scenes without having to edit them together. For instance, I was interviewing artists at a local art show this past weekend and I wanted to string the very short interviews together, without having to edit the videos at the end. I looked for two hours and finally found VideoCam. It’s so great in that you can start and stop the filming like you would do with Vine, only there is no time length. So you can pause and resume – you film one thing, stop it, then go off somewhere and film something else and so on and at the end, you have one long movie without any editing involved.

By accident, I learned of another feature which is truly amazing. You can edit out the segments you don’t want by just clicking an X box in the corner of that segment. The whole film is “raw” until you save it as one long piece. So each segment is its own short movie. What happened was, I was with friends and we were having lunch and for some reason, the camera starting filming in my pocket. So I had 11 minutes of us ordering lunch, with the black from my pocket on the screen and the sound. All this right in the middle of my artist interviews. I thought I had ruined the interviews, either that, or I needed to defeat the whole purpose of the app and learn to edit. But to my amazement, I found that feature that allowed me to just X-out the lunch footage and no one was the wiser.

The app is free, but for the extras, like this editing feature, you have to buy the app for $4.99, well worth it.

The other advantage to this is that you can film various takes and just X-out the ones you don’t want. I just love the app, I’ve used it every day since I downloaded it. You can always edit the films later in other apps, but the whole point of VideoCam is that you don’t have to be bothered with any of that.

Below is the first film I did. It’s a bit rough and it was before I realized I could redo takes and just use the ones I liked. But you’ll get the idea. I had cut the pocket filmed part out, so you don’t even know it was there.

I can’t wait to use it next weekend at the Street Painting Festival in Lake Worth where I can go from artist to artist and show their work in a single movie; and also Comic Cons and things like that will be a lot of fun to film.