A grandmother’s love


Lichtenstein’s “Masterpiece” photo by Dan Kitwood / Getty Images file

This Lichtenstein painting called, “Masterpiece,” recently sold for $165 million by art collector Agnes Gund and of that, Ms. Gund is donating $100 million to start a social justice fund which she hopes will lower the prison population in the US.

The money will go to the Art For Justice Fund.

From their website: “Over the next five years (2017-2022), the Art for Justice Fund (A4JF) will support innovative advocacy and interventions aimed at safely cutting the prison population in states with the highest rates of incarceration, and strengthening the education and employment options for people leaving prison. In addition, the Fund will support selected artistic initiatives that enable artists to bear witness to the injustices of the system and speak to the potential of people enmeshed in it.”

Ms. Gund has six African American grandchildren so this hits home for her. She told The New York Times that “she has worried about their future as they’ve matured, particularly in light of shootings of black teenagers like Trayvon Martin in Florida.”

More here at NBC News.


Drawing All in the Family

all-in-the-familyI was talking about drawing Fred Flintstone and wondering if my mother ever saved any of my old drawings. I have to ask her.

Well, one of the things I always regret was giving away a full color comic strip of All in the Family that I created. It must have been an art class project, because I remember doing it in class. It was a Sunday strip, you know, full size. It was All in the Family, which was the number one show on tv at the time and I drew some sort of story line – three or four rows of comics, full color. Colored in with watercolor I remember. It was all the characters -Archie Bunker, Edith, Gloria, Mike; and the house as the background scenery in each panel – really a nice piece of art.

And I gave it away!

A classmate liked it and I gave it to him. Just like that!

I wonder if there is a way to put a call out for it now. You know – “Wanted, the old 1970s All in the Family comic strip I drew in art class.” Maybe I can do a lost and found thing on Craigslist or something.

I had this original TV Guide, too. I collected them all when I was a kid, I would just throw them in a box after we used them for the week. I had hundreds from the early 1970s until the 1990s. But they were all destroyed in 1992 in Hurricane Andrew. 😦

I didn’t know the New York City museum entrance fees were optional


Temple of Dendur at Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

I read an article yesterday about the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC charging mandatory entrance fees. I never knew the $25 entrance fee was a suggestion.

I’m in NY often and I’ve been to so many of the museums. I’ve paid full price all the time – at the MET, MOMA, the History Museums and so on. I never knew the entrance fee was a suggestion and the way they corral you in and “force” you to pay, who knew it was a suggestion. When I think of all the money I have spent over the years, it burns me up. Sure, I am in favor of supporting the arts, but I don’t like the feeling of being forced, when I didn’t have to be forced. I challenge anyone to try and enter without paying, see how that goes. Try to get around the velvet ropes at all the museum entrances. Even at the Museum of the City of New York, one of my favorites on 103rd and Fifth, they are standing at a podium, mere feet from the entrance, expecting to be paid.

Now they plan on possibly making it mandatory for out of city residents, but even though I live outside of NYC, I daresay I visit more museums there than locals do. But I guess it doesn’t matter now, all these years I’ve paid full price when I possibly could have gotten in for less or for nothing.

Not too long ago at MOMA, I think, I saw a sign at the entrance that said there was a flat fee for a one day NY Pass for New York attractions, it was $109.00. This is for one day, which is great if you’re planning on racing through the city, but it really makes no sense if you plan on visiting three or four museums. Three museums at $25 each is $75 and four is $100, so the $109 is more than you would pay if you went to each place and paid one at a time.

I found a site that sells the passes – the one day for $109, two days for $189, three days are $199 and so on. But again, unless you plan on racing through the city and fitting in many museum or other tourist locations, it makes no sense.

They’re selling ice in the winter.


Van Gogh’s Starry Night at Museum of Modern Art, NYC


A Jackson Pollock at Museum of Modern Art, NYC


It’s art. At Guggenheim Museum, NYC

Collecting comics stamps

A friend just posted Wonder Woman postage stamps. They have been out since last fall to commemorate her 75th anniversary. I didn’t know that. I got some today! I don’t snail mail many things, so luckily I can just save them and not use them!


I am going to start collecting them. You can get some old issues on Amazon, Ebay and auction sites, but the USPS has some for sale like Batman Forever and Charlie Brown and some others like the Sunday Funnies series which includes Calvin and Hobbes, Beetle Bailey and Dennis the Menace.

Warhol estates sues over Prince image

warhol2Speaking of Andy Warhol (see the post below), I saw in the New York Daily News that the estate of Andy Warhol is suing a photographer before the photographer sues the Warhold estate.

Seems that in 1981, Warhol allegedly swipped an image of Prince and made it into a Warhol painting. Didn’t he do that often? I know he mostly took polaroids of people and then had them blown up and silk screened the image into usually four images, all the same but with different color schemes.

I read in the Andy Warhol Diaries that celebs would want their “portraits” done and Andy would try to sell them in foursomes, rather than twosomes, which many celebs wanted. If I remember right, they were $25,000 for each image, so of course, he would want to sell them as a foursome. All silk screened work – nice work if you can get it!