Become your dream


Saw this on Twitter, I think it was taken by Jason Kvinna, a comic book artist.

It reminds me of a story I did for the Huffington Post called “A Cause to Pause,” where I shared some uplifting messages I saw at a construction site once in New York City.

I like Jason’s work, I may try to interview him (with his permission, of course, well, how can I do it without his permission, actually) for a new series I’m contemplating for the Huffingon Post. I’m thinking of starting this interview series called “Tea with Tom” or something like that, where I interview up and coming artists similar to Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee show, only we’ll get tea and it won’t be comedians, it will be artists and we won’t film it, it will be published online and possibly print.

But the questions will be silly and not even pertain to their art or art at all.

I have some people in mind for this already.

Maybe “Ten With Tom” for the title, it could mean ten minutes or 10 questions.

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