Budding artists

I went to MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) again, it seems like I visit every time I’m in New York. I stopped by in October and in July and again now, in November. It’s like a home away from home for me. Maybe because so many of my favorite paintings are there, but maybe my favorite paintings are there because I’m there so often and I recognize them and they are familiar and that’s what makes it home for me. I guess it’s my favorite that I like to visit, Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Maybe that’s why I go.

Anyway, today it was pretty cool because there were a handful of young school kids there with their teacher and they were drawing the paintings. The kids may have been about 8 or 9 years old. And it caught my attention because I sort of did the same thing in college, but I had to recreate an image from a photo, not the actual painting like these school kids. New York school kids have this great advantage of growing up surrounded by art and culture.

I was going to ask the teacher about it, but I didn’t want to dilute their adventure by getting myself involved. I watched them go from room to room, some held back, as I guess they aren’t born artists, but some got so into it. It was such a pleasure to see.

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