Criminals on Canvas

December 22, is the last day of a three-day “Criminals on Canvas”exhibit in Sun Valley, Idaho. The great part is that the art is by TV’s 1960s Batman, Adam West, who lives in Idaho. The exhibit is at the Gilman Contemporary Gallery, where they describe the exhibit: “Gilman Contemporary is thrilled to present “Criminals on Canvas” and other works by Adam West. This three-day guest exhibition will feature original works along with newly created prints of the villains and characters from the original classic Batman Television show that rose to popularity in the 60s. Join us for an artist reception with the man himself December 21st.”

Love the work, this should possibly be a traveling show, maybe at ComicCons’ things like that. I think it would be cool to have certain characters, say from Star Trek, draw Star Trek criminals or characters from the show, same with other shows like Game Of Thrones, etc.

88-year-old Adam West’s work goes from about $6000 up to $10,000 per piece.

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