GoComics newbies

I’ve taken to reading GoComics again. I had taken a break for a couple of years. I like these newbies that I see there now.


Amanda the Great reminds me of Hark A Vagrant and that genre of webcomic.


Wallace the Brave has a Cul de Sac feel. It’s drawn so greatly and it’s funny.


I love the look and feel of The Sunshine Club. It reminds me so much of the old Eek & Meek comic and now I know why, Howie Schneider, the cartoonist was Eek & Mee’s cartoonist! Eek & Meek were mice and then they turned into people or vice versa, I don’t remember, but I loved reading it. The Sunshine Club is rerun, since Howie passed away a few years back. We used to get it in the Homestead News Leader in Miami.


Next Door Neighbors is clever and I love the drawing style.


It’s not new, it’s old, and that’s what I love about Mutt & Jeff on GoComics.


I like the drawing style and the gags in G-Man Webcomics.

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