Better call . . . your friends


Photo courtesy Nadia Chaudhury/EATX

Wish I was in NY this week. They’re having a two-day pop up of Los Pollos Hermanos, that’s the chicken restaurant from Breaking Bad and now Better Call Saul. The whole thing is a promo for the upcoming season of Saul, which starts April 10, the pop-up is at 243 Pearl Street on April 9 and 10 only.

This season, the restaurant owner and drug lord Gus Fring will be popping up on Better Call Saul, a prequil to Breaking Bad.

Not sure what type of food they will have in a the popup. In Austin, TX where the first of three debuted during SXSW, they had breakfast tacos, burritos, burgers and curly fries, no chicken though. The third stop other than Austin and NY is Los Angeles.

A few years ago, the Seinfeld apartment set was set up in New York in a storefront, on 14th Street, right near the Underline. I never got inside because the lines for the couple of days event was an hour or two, or more. I did see the apartment from the glass plate window though. It was the actual set, not a duplicate. Very cool. It was Jerry’s living room and kitchen and you could see the bathroom and hallway in the background as you would have seen it on tv. It was some sort of promo for Hulu I think, that was promoting it’s airing of the show.

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