I didn’t know the New York City museum entrance fees were optional


Temple of Dendur at Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

I read an article yesterday about the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC charging mandatory entrance fees. I never knew the $25 entrance fee was a suggestion.

I’m in NY often and I’ve been to so many of the museums. I’ve paid full price all the time – at the MET, MOMA, the History Museums and so on. I never knew the entrance fee was a suggestion and the way they corral you in and “force” you to pay, who knew it was a suggestion. When I think of all the money I have spent over the years, it burns me up. Sure, I am in favor of supporting the arts, but I don’t like the feeling of being forced, when I didn’t have to be forced. I challenge anyone to try and enter without paying, see how that goes. Try to get around the velvet ropes at all the museum entrances. Even at the Museum of the City of New York, one of my favorites on 103rd and Fifth, they are standing at a podium, mere feet from the entrance, expecting to be paid.

Now they plan on possibly making it mandatory for out of city residents, but even though I live outside of NYC, I daresay I visit more museums there than locals do. But I guess it doesn’t matter now, all these years I’ve paid full price when I possibly could have gotten in for less or for nothing.

Not too long ago at MOMA, I think, I saw a sign at the entrance that said there was a flat fee for a one day NY Pass for New York attractions, it was $109.00. This is for one day, which is great if you’re planning on racing through the city, but it really makes no sense if you plan on visiting three or four museums. Three museums at $25 each is $75 and four is $100, so the $109 is more than you would pay if you went to each place and paid one at a time.

I found a site that sells the passes – the one day for $109, two days for $189, three days are $199 and so on. But again, unless you plan on racing through the city and fitting in many museum or other tourist locations, it makes no sense.

They’re selling ice in the winter.


Van Gogh’s Starry Night at Museum of Modern Art, NYC


A Jackson Pollock at Museum of Modern Art, NYC


It’s art. At Guggenheim Museum, NYC

Better call . . . your friends


Photo courtesy Nadia Chaudhury/EATX

Wish I was in NY this week. They’re having a two-day pop up of Los Pollos Hermanos, that’s the chicken restaurant from Breaking Bad and now Better Call Saul. The whole thing is a promo for the upcoming season of Saul, which starts April 10, the pop-up is at 243 Pearl Street on April 9 and 10 only.

This season, the restaurant owner and drug lord Gus Fring will be popping up on Better Call Saul, a prequil to Breaking Bad.

Not sure what type of food they will have in a the popup. In Austin, TX where the first of three debuted during SXSW, they had breakfast tacos, burritos, burgers and curly fries, no chicken though. The third stop other than Austin and NY is Los Angeles.

A few years ago, the Seinfeld apartment set was set up in New York in a storefront, on 14th Street, right near the Underline. I never got inside because the lines for the couple of days event was an hour or two, or more. I did see the apartment from the glass plate window though. It was the actual set, not a duplicate. Very cool. It was Jerry’s living room and kitchen and you could see the bathroom and hallway in the background as you would have seen it on tv. It was some sort of promo for Hulu I think, that was promoting it’s airing of the show.

The Warriors are coming

You know those Chinese Terracotta army/warrior figures, the life-sized solders that were burried Emperor Qin Shihuang’s tomb in 210 BC? Well they are going to be on display at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City from April 3 through July 16, 2017 in an exhibit called “Age of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin and Han Dynasties (221 BC – AD 220).

The warriors were buried with the emperor in hopes of being his army in the afterlife, they were discoved in 1974 by local farmers who were digging a well.

There will be three sections of ancient Chinese art, 160 pieces, including a 2000-piece jade suite, musical instruments, vessels and so much more. A full program of lectures will go along with the exhibit.

I’m hoping the crowds won’t be too crazy. I’ll be in NY in parts of June and July, so I’m looking forward to seeing the exhibit.

Lake Worth’s Street Painting Festival

I went to the 23rd Annual Lake Worth Street Painting Festival on Sunday. I go with friends every year (that’s me in the top blog nameplate at last year’s event). It’s a great event in the small town of Lake Worth which is in Palm Beach County, Florida.

They claim 100,000 people attend the event and that there are 600 artists participating. It does get crowded. The streets are shut down in the center of town and art takes over the streets. Amazing art. Here are some photos I took.

The disappearing riverboat

This is an amazing shot. It was so foggy in New Oreans the other day, you could barely see your hand in front of your face. I’ve never seen fog like that before. I video’s this. Watch as the Creole Queen riverboat disappears as it heads out into the fog on the Mississippi River. Watch till the end. Amazing.

The art bazaar in NOLA

I’m in New Orleans for the weekend. Always love it here and I’m always finding something new. Yesterday I came across this art bazaar or bizarre as they call it there. It’s an empty lot in the middle of the block, on 1200 block of Decauter Street. For some reason, it looks like something you would see in Brooklyn, but I’m sure this is all originally NOLA.

There was an artist named Jason working on something and during weekends, there is more than one artists present and it’s like a little flea market then. It’s funny, with one artist it feels like a gallery, with more, a flea market.

I like the dinosaur, but how would I get it home?