When Connecticut was the world


This is sort of like the picture I had seen in a book when I was a kid – a glass house in the woods.

There is this cool article in Vanity Fair about so many cartoonists who lived in Fairfield County, CT, for a period of time, from the 1950s through the ’90s.

When I was a kid and read books on cartooning, it would always mention places in Connecticut where the cartoonists lived. We once went to the Museum of Cartoon art in Greenwich, CT when I was a kid and that was really the closest I ever got to all those cartoonists.

Ironically, over the years, I always pictured myself living in a glass house in the woods in CT.  I saw an image in a book once, maybe it was about architect Frank Lloyd Wright, this was when I was about 14 years old and that always stuck with me and I thought it would be perfect to live that way in CT – all glass, surrounded by trees.

Ironically, I live up high in an all glass condo now, on Biscyane Bay in Miami, and if it was on the ground, it sort of would be the glass house of my imagination, only its not in CT and not surrounded by forest.

Anyway, the Vanity Fair article brought back so many memories of Mort Walker and Bug Sagendorf and Jack Tippet and so many more during the hey day of comic strips. I wanted to be like them, still do.

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