Glamping during Irma

It’s been a hectic week. We dodged Hurricane Irma. Luckily where I live, it was mosly just trees down.

I spent four days with family west of here. We were seven people and four dogs! We got along, didn’t get on each other’s nerves and aside from the fear of Irma, we had a good time. We called it camping. I think it was more glamping.

We had everything we needed in the big house, except for electricity, which went out the first day. We cooked on candles! Boiled water for coffee and made hot dogs using candles.

After Irma passed, we barbecued everything.

We went in and out the whole time through a back door, the only opening not boarded up. We charged our phones in our cars.

The day after Irma passed, a few if us drove around checking on everybody’s houses. My father, brother, nephew and I made a day of it.

We really dodged s bullet. I know many people lost homes in the Keys. We were lucky enough to all just have tree damage and broken fences. I live on the bay, mere feet from it. The 15 foot storm surge brought all that water up into the neighborhood, but didn’t fo much damage.

Glad to be getting back to normsl so fast. We have electricity, but no internet of tv, but happy to be home safe.

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