NY Comic Con is coming up

cc12I’m headed to New York this weekend in anticipation of New York Comic Con which starts Thursday, October 5. I think it’s the best time of year – October in New York and Comic Con combined. It’s perfect.

Being in Union Square in October is special, too. It’s usually the first thing I do when I arrive in New York. In October, the pumpkins are out and the Union Square green market has all sorts of fall things, completely different than the summer’s Union Square green market.


Union Square Green Market, NYC. Last October.

With Comic Con, I have different memories from different years that blur into each other, but I cover the event for the Huffington Post and I post things on my blog, so that is a diary for me, which differentiates each year.

One year I saw a guy on The View tv show, he was promoting his graphic novel, for some reason, that spoke to me, I contacted the guy through Twitter and we agreed to meet at Comic Con, I don’t know what I would gain out of it, but I’m not one to really reach out to people, so this was a big step. We did meet, ate at his hotel’s bar and chatted, but nothing much came out of it. I sent him my 10 With Tom questions later and he took six months to respond, which I found sort of rude and I just dumped the questions and I don’t think I ever contacted him again.

Another time I had it all planned to meet people from one of the big newspaper syndicates. That did not go well. I’ll talk about that in my next blog post.

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