My favorite time of the week

My favorite time of the week is Tuesday night, about 9 pm. I don’t know why, but that’s the sweet spot for me. I also like the same time on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9 pm are my favorite times of the week, Tuesday being the most favorite.

I’m not sure why.

Usually at that time, Tuesday at 9 pm and almost every night of the week, I go out to my balcony, which overlooks the bay and I sort of meditate, or I guess it’s more like contemplate. I’m only there a short time, maybe five minutes, but I do it almost every night of the week.  I step outside, there is no one around, no one can see me. It’s sort of special.

The bay is black and it’s quiet. On full moon nights, which is this weekend I believe, the bay is lit up and it’s really something special. I manifest then. I guess the best time to manifest would be 11:11, but I do it at 9ish.

Years ago I used to love Mondays. Monday morning was the best. I would go to the beach on Mondays and it was empty since most people worked and they would obviously go over the weekend. I think I worked weekends then, so maybe Monday was my weekend. Whatever, it was quiet, just like my balcony at home at 9 pm.

Years ago, my favorite time of the week was about 9 pm on Saturdays. It was the sweet spot then. I went out most Saturdays about 11 pm, and I suppose 9 pm was earlier enough to enjoy the anticipation of the night and also it was right about when I was watching tv and just enjoying the weekend. What do they say, “the shank of the evening?”

Ha, that’s what Tuesday at 9 pm is now, The Shank of the Evening; The Shank of the Week.

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