It pays to have a sense of humor

I was at the drive thru at McDonald’s about 7:30 am yesterday. It was nice and peaceful as I sat waiting to move up to the window in my car. Out of the bushes comes an old homeless man who scared the crap out of me.

This happened to me once in Ft. Lauderdale at a Popeye’s and it was late at night, so that really freaked me out.

Anyway, I yelled at the old man and said, “Why are you jumping out from the bushes? You’re gonna scare the hell out of people!”

He said, “So what? It’s Halloween!”

That made me laugh. So I gave him money.

There’s nothing like a clever old homeless guy. I wish he would use his sense of humor to get out of being homeless. But at least he has that going for him.

One thought on “It pays to have a sense of humor

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