Should I dump the Miami Herald?

newpaperboyI’m quite conflicted these days about dropping home delivery of my daily newspaper. It will be the first time in my life that a daily newspaper will not be delivered to my door. I am including my infant and childhood years, as my parents always had a newspaper or two delivered. In later years it was the Miami Herald, the Miami News and the South Dade News-Leader.

The Miami News is no more and the South Dade News-Leader is not a daily publication and not delivered anymore and the Miami Herald is the only hold out, that and the Sun-Sentinel, which is available daily and is the Ft. Lauderdale newspaper. There was a time when Ft. Lauderdale also had the Ft. Lauderdale News and Hollywood, FL had the Hollywood Sun-Tattler. I used to love that name.

I never liked when the Sun-Sentinel and Ft. Lauderdale News shared exact comic pages when they had a joint operating agreement. With the Herald and the Miami News, they always had their own comics pages and so did the News-Leader and Sun-Tattler.

Anyway, as of late, the Miami Herald delivery person has been screwing up. The paper has been arriving late on a daily basis and the last few days it has not arrived at all. I don’t mean just mine, but the whole neighborhood has not received it’s daily newspaper delivery. Now this is very shocking to me because the Herald has appeared on our doorsteps even when the door step was the only thing left after hurricanes and such. No, really, after Hurricane Andrew blew threw, the only thing left was the Miami Herald there, right on time, on the doorstep the next morning!

So now, I am considering ending home delivery. But then I feel that I am giving in to the way things are in the newspapers business and I don’t want to hurt the newspaper by doing this, but if it’s not being delivered and it’s basically 12 pages now, do I really need it? The comics suck, the Herald had not had decent comics since the 1980s and I read the comics now online and also most of the news I read online.

I have to think this one out.

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