I’m going digital with the newspaper

I’ve decided to dump my Miami Herald subscription, which it pains me to do since I don’t remember ever not receiving a daily newspaper delivery, even from when I was a child. But the newspaper is not arriving! I’m paying for it but it doesn’t come. We had a problem last month, it sort of got fixed, but it’s happening again – no newspaper delivery.

I can’t understand how a major metropolitan newspaper can’t get the newspapers out! Where are those newsie kids when you need them?

Anyway, I’ve decided to let my subscription run out next month and then I will just read the paper digitally. You can read the actual pages on line by subscribing for a nominal fee and it’s got all the things the printed paper has – the news, the comics, the tv listings, sports, etc. And there are even about a dozen pages or more in the back of the daily paper with extra things – sections called “Extra” which has commentary, opinion, science and technology, business and more.

And what I love about it is that you can enlarge it to easily read it.

I’ve been checking out other e-editions of  daily newspapers online and there are many around the country that don’t charge to read it, which is interesting. I’ve always loved looking at other newspapers. I like seeing which comics they publish and see what the comics pages look like and also I like to see their tv listings. I don’t know why, I just do.

Now this is not just reading the online edition, this is online, but it’s an e-edition, which is the digital copy of the printed issue, so you flip through the pages like you would when reading the actual printed copy. I do it with the old Brooklyn Eagle, remember, I told you about that?

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