Nancy will outlive us all


Today’s Nancy strip.

So the comic strip Nancy has changed. I don’t know if you knew or if you care, I only care because this is one time when I don’t mind that a comic strip continues.

Usually I feel that when a cartoonist retires or passes on, the strip should pass on, too. Comic strips seem to never end. Usually a new cartoonist takes over and they continue on and that has always bothered me. But for some reason, I like the new Nancy.

So Nancy is now written and drawn by Olivia Jaimes and the new Nancy is a bit fisty and nasty and modern. There are cell phones and video games and things from the 21st Century.

Olivia is one of many cartoonists to do Nancy, many think that Ernie Bushmiller was the creator, but Larry Whittington created Nancy in 1922 and Ernie Bushmiller took over in 1925, then others took over after his death and the last person to do the strip was Guy Gilchrist and finally Olivia. It’s amazing the many lives Nancy has had – sort of like a cat.

People either hate the new Nancy or love it. Here it is at GoComics, check it out for yourself.

nancybookThere’s a book out called, “How to Read Nancy: The Elements of Comics in Three Easy Panels” by Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden. It shows how Nancy is the perfect comic to study; it shows the building blocks of a comic strip – something like that. I downloaded it on my Kindle and haven’t read it yet. I guess Nancy will outlive us all.

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