Patience; patience in adversity

Guess the pink moon is not working in my favor. I reached out to three people this week for 10 With Tom interviews and was blown off by all three. Well, one never answered me. The other two told me they weren’t ready, one asked me to wait a few weeks and one asked me to wait six months!

The problem is they are hot now and in a few weeks or months the bloom will be off the rose. I’m feeling a bit dejected.

On a happy note, one of my favorite blogs, The Daily Cartoonist is back in action, having been on hiatus for almost two hears. In fact, tomorrow, May 2, will be exactly two years since Alan Gardner put the blog on hold. Now Andrews McMeel/GoComics owns it and has started it up again under the aegis of John Glynn the main man at GoComics and comic junkie D.D. Degg will be running daily operations and providing most of the posts.

On the first day cartoonists were popping up out of the woodwork. It’s amazing how much the blog is loved. It really covers the comics industry excellently. It’s mostly aggregating stories about comics and cartooning, but it’s the one stop shop for that info. I was thinking of hitting them up with some of my comic strip and cartoonist interviews that I do with 10 With Tom, you know, fresh content.

I’m still working on getting my Tomversation comics published at, too. It’s amazing to me that I’ve been published in books, magazines and newspapers for years, but I cannot break that bubble.

Patience. Patience in adversity.


A comic I’m working on.

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