Trimming our trees


Our trees needed a haircut. One palm had too many coconuts and they were quite heavy so we had to get them cut down. These tree trimmers we use walk up the tree using these sharp clamps on their shoes, they dig into the trunk and up they go.


Usually this is done before hurricane season in May or June but we ended up doing this after the season was over, which was a mild season this year.


The coconut water is delicious, these are young coconuts so the water is sweet, the young coconuts is what coconut water comes from, older, more ripe coconuts produce the water/milk and the meat. I remember when I was a kid, I would take fallen coconuts on the beach, break them open and rub the water on my body as sort of a coconut oil, used to get a tan. Not a good idea,  but I did it.


My neighbor Carl enjoying the coconut water. It looks like he’s blowing a shofar or a conch shell, doesn’t it?

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