The Big Valley tv show and the MET Museum of ART


The house on The Big Valley tv show.

I was watching a rerun of The Big Valley the other day, the 1960s tv western.

Whenever I am at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY I think of The Big Valley. Why? Because that big house at the American Wing reminds me of the house for some reason. Every single time I’m at the museum, I sit on the stone benches that face the house and imagine it to be the Barkely house. The house is inside the museum, so I imagine being inside a large sound studio and I picture a scene being filmed. I imagine horses or carriages driving up to the house and someone like Barbara Stanwyck coming outside the door and a scene is being filmed.


Inside the house in the museum are historic rooms/settings from the 1600s up to the early 20th century. You can enter through that main front door or from around the back from another area of the museum.


The Big Valley House


The MET Museum

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