I was watching something on tv last night. A South African guy is married to an American woman. She wants to live in America and he wants to live in South Africa. Right now they are living in America. But he misses his friends and family and way of life in South Africa. They went back for a visit and he is homesick.

His wife brought up a very interesting point which I don’t think I ever thought of. She said that her South African husband’s sister had never met an American before, her sister-in-law (his wife) is the first one ever.

The American wife feels that in America, we have all cultures, we meet all types of people And I found that very interesting. Imagine never having met a South African person before or an Australian or French or Italian person ever in your life. I guess we take that for granted in the United States.

So many times I think it would be nice to live in Italy, but perhaps unless you are in the tourist areas, you may never see other cultures. It’s something to think about.

One thought on “Cultures

  1. Tough one. The depth of cross-cultural experience is greater and more authentic in many other places, comparing apples to apples. Miami v Roma or Milano. Not Miami v a small inland village in southern Italy. Compare a central Iowa town to an Italian town of equal size. Much of America still demands assimilation with the White middle class being the target. More cultural diversity in Miami or Rome? Equal?
    Today, Certain forces in the US are In battle armor mounting a full-on siege on diversity. Nothing new.


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