The system is down

So I think I jinxed myself for doing that thermostat comic because the a/c had not been working for days. The guys that came out to clean the coils, screwed up everything. They came back a number of times, but still it would not perform correctly.

I did manage to get another company to come out Friday and they said the compressor was broken (which wasn’t like that before the other company got their hands on it). So now I need a brand new a/c, which I was expecting for years since it’s an old unit.

And it’s odd, but on Friday morning I woke up to no cable tv. I checked online and saw that the neighborhood was out. I called ATT Unverse just to get an ETA on the repairs. I guess when you are self isolating, tv is important.

But rather than tell me it was the neighborhood, some lady told me it was only my house that was down. She had me jumping through hoops for over an hour – turning the system off, rebooting, going through every tv in the house, disconnecting wires. She almost had me take one tv off the wall but refused.

She said she was going to send new dvr/cable boxes out, which would take a week. I asked her to send a cable guy out instead, she said they couldn’t do that. I said, “I pay you $500 a month for cable and phone service and you won’t send a repair guy here?” I asked her if she had ATT Uverse, which is out every other day, she said no. NO!

The other night I was watching something on the ID channel and just as they said, “The murderer is . . .” the tv went dead. Another time I was also watching a home make-over show and just as the reveal was coming on at the end, the tv went out! I just gave up and went to bed.

This reminds me of my old internet company – Earthlink. They used to host my business website. When the site went down, 99% of the time it was due to their servers being down. Which is fine, as long as it wasn’t me doing something wrong. But I would call up to check to be sure, and you know what? they never admitted it was the servers until making me jump through hoops first.

The first thing was always, “Do you have the site backed up? I am going to remove all 300 pages!” I would always yell, “NO!” Don’t do that.” They would have me then doing all sorts of things, rather than just say, “Yes, the servers are down, they’ll be back up soon.”

And we pay these companies all this money to jerk us around.

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