The Issue

Today’s comic about Bob’s issues, brought back memories of when I was a kid in elementary school, maybe even middle school, which we called junior high back then.

I didn’t get the idea for the comic from then, after I created the comic, the memories came back.

Back then, maybe I was 10 or 12, I can’t remember. My best friend Gary and I had a daily project we did called, “The Issue.” And what it was was a parody newspaper of what was going on in school. Each day we handed each other “The Issue” at some point during the day. You know, we each did our own issue and swapped.

I like the name, I don’t know who came up with it.

The Issue parodied people and events and things going on in the school. I vaguely remember it being on notebook paper and I think it was just the one page, back and front, and there were drawings and news and things like that.

All these years later I wonder where they went. Did I throw them out? Did we save them and they just disappeared over time, sort of like all those famous toys that seemed to come and go? Like what happened to all our toys? All those things going for hundreds of dollars now on Ebay, the ones we had, where did they go?

Anyway, I guess I was always meant to be in the news business, starting at an early age with the daily “Issue.”

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