Getting through security

The new LaGuardia Airport

I haven’t been traveling much since the pandemic started – actually not at all. But I did go to New York in the summer and then again just recently.

I noticed many changes of course and one big one is at LaGuardia airport and maybe it’s something new at all airports – the new security and conveyor system.

First off, while LaGuardia is still being transformed into something big and beautiful, many areas are completely done after years of renovation and it’s quite daunting at times. It’s huge. It seems like you walk for miles to get from one area to another. And just entering the airport and going from one area to the next is quite confusing.

As for the new conveyor system, it’s sort of a three-way-thing now. You don’t just push your bags down the line. You sort of put them on the conveyor rollers and then push them in and then a TSA Agent seems to push them in and out at will.

Coming home from New York yesterday, I was stopped, my bag went down a separate roller system and a TSA agent on the other end took it out, he called out, “Whose bag is this?” And I said, “Mine and I went over to him.

He said, “Don’t touch anything” And I said, “I know, I watch ‘How to Catch A Smuggler.” And he laughed, and said, “So do I.”

And then we talked about the tv show for a bit as he searched my bag.

It seems a small fingernail scissors set the system off and that’s why I was stopped. He let me keep the scissors and I was on my way. I was under the belief that they had allowed small things like that back on the airplanes, after all, a pen can do more damage than a tiny pair of scissors. I guess I was right since he let me through.

The above image is by Untapped New York, where you can see more great images of the new LaGuardia Airport.

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