There’s no personal service anymore

There’s a lot of talk about AI (artificial intelligence) and things like that lately. And it all seems interesting. I’ve always been pro-technology. I build websites, I draw digitally, rather than with pen and paper, for 15 years I published our local news online, and I’ve run an online business for years, so I’m all up for that, but lately, a couple of things have bothered me.

I had a doctor’s appointment recently and it was all done digitally, except for the doctor’s appointment, which now that I think about it, could have been through Zoom. But what I mean is I had to make the appointment online, then they texted me things and emailed me forms. I had to fill out forms online before showing up for the appointment, then I had to fill in insurance forms online and and answer questions, personal things, including what religion I am.

Then weeks before the appointment, they either emailed me, texted me or called me daily. And I mean one of those three options daily! When I have a doctor’s appointment, I like to not think about it until the day of the appointment, not be reminded about it every day until the day of the appointment.

When I showed up for the appointment, I had to check in myself on a computer. And then a wrist band came out of the machine which I had to wear, you know the type you would get if you were in a hospital? And it was all mechanized and I felt like a number from there on.

The other day I saw a condo online that I am interested in. It’s in a building I lived in some years back. I rented back then and now I have the opportunity to purchase. I love the area and love the building and I decided to make an appointment to see the unit, I think it’s to mostly get it out of my system, rather than possibly buy it, but who knows. I have a friend who is my realtor, but since I don’t want to waste his time, I thought meeting with the listing agent for the first time would be best.

But I can’t get a live listing agent on the phone, so . . . .

I had to deal with Zillow and make an appointment online, there was no phone number, I had to put the date and time in online and make the appointment myself that way. Then I received a text from Zillow telling me they would hook me up with a local agent shortly. Mind you, they don’t tell who the listing agent is, so there is no way to call them direct!

A bit later I got another text and then a call from a local agent, but the guy was not the listing agent and he said he would get back with me to confirm the appointment, which is for today at noon by the way, and I still have not heard back.

The guy did mention who the listing agent is and one of my good friends is in-laws with the owner of the realty firm who has the listing. They are mothers-in-law, their kids are married to each other. I was tempted to call my friend, but I don’t want to start trouble, so I am waiting and wondering if I will ever get to see the condo.

I did receive a couple of texts from the agent who is apparently the middle man, and he says we are waiting for access to the unit.

I told him I know all the codes for the building since I had lived there once, all we need is access to the unit, is there a lockbox or something? He hasn’t texted back, so I wait.

Mind you, I prefer not to speak to people, for instance I love self-checkouts. I try to do business in locations where I can check myself out and not make small talk with a cashier. And I find car buying online intriguing. But as for real estate and doctor visits – I’m not into the do-it-yourself aspect as of yet.

UPDATE: After the realtor being late twice for the appointment (he kept calling and saying he needed more time to get there), I saw the condo today. Great, but not very great. Of course the whole area is not the same as when I lived there, lots of changes. And the apartment wasn’t as large and clean and move-in ready as the photos led me to believe. So after all that, I am passing on it.

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