My original cartoon art

I bought a few pieces of original comic art on Ebay today. I got an original Mutt and Jeff Sunday strip from July 16, 1961, by Al Smith and 10 Winnie Winkle originals by Frank Bolle, from February 1987. Frank drew Winnie two-up – meaning, two strips per page. The pages are 11.5″ x 16.5″

I bought these two sets outright but I bid on an original Bringing Up Father strip from February 21, 1945. I lost out on that one. I thought I had it and as is the case on ebay, someone swooped in at the last second and outbid me. That would have been a nice piece to have.

It’s pen and ink with slight blue pencil and Benday shading causing some staining as seen in scans below.

About 10 years ago, I bought this image of Dick Tracy drawn by Chester Gould and this shoe drawing by Andy Warhol. I don’t have any proof that these are real, but I believe they are. Warhol drew shoe ads for I Magnin, the department store, before the soup cans and before he became ANDY WARHOL.

A couple of years ago, I bought some Flintstone’s cells. I bought four of them, different images, signed by co-creator, Joe Barbera. But they are not cells from actual tv shows or movies so not sure of the value. I’ve tried to resell them over the years with no luck, but I actually like them so I don’t mind keeping them.

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