Vintage comic strip shopping

I’ve been vintage comic strip shopping again, adding to my collection. I bought some more original cartoon art. This time I got four Momma strips by Mel Lazarus. Mel recently passed away, so this makes it even more special. And I purchased an original pen and ink King Aroo strip from Sept. 3, 1962, done by Jack Kent the strips’s creator and cartoonist. I just learned about King Aroo recently and love the style and comedy of Jack. I purchased a couple of compilation books of the comic strip last year. These strips are all signed.

The Momma strips are pen and ink originals from 1973. I also love Mel’s other comic strip, Miss Peach. Would love to get my hands on one of them. I’ve seen pre-production pages from a book, but I would love the original newspaper strip.

I would also love an original Peanuts strip, but those seem to be going for $25,00o to $50,000 and up!

I also purchased these new books. Love the shape, perfect to fit comic strips. The Gumps and Krazy Kat.


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