Art Festival weekend


Me (in the tan hat) with some of my family.

Been spending the weekend at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival and the St. Stephen’s Art Show, which is right next door. It’s a yearly event each February. The whole town comes out, then some. There’s so much art, people watching, food and drinking.

It starts out with breakfast at a gallery and then we all start toward the festivals, it’s two festivals right next to each other. Friends and family sort of separate, then at the festival we may meet up, some people may drop out, others may add themselves to the group. It’s  a fun weekend. It runs Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which is President’s Day.


One thought on “Art Festival weekend

  1. Monty,
    So much crap then ever before! Wow, and I had to pay to witness it. No other attendees were seen with purchases, either. Are sales reports available? I’d like to see them.
    Each year it seems ‘artists’ have realized it’s a major waste of time/money to show at CGAF or St Stephans. I see why.
    Next year will be fewer still of any merit until eventually the quality wil be on a par with Walmart ‘wall art’.
    You seem not to care who wants to display their machine-made junk, the sales go down further, followed by lesser quality each year.
    What made the experience really horrible was that band you hired to make horrendous noise!
    Monty, you got a sweet deal of a job being paid to run the defunk Arts Festival. Time for you to retire and tell your bank buddies to give me the job. I can do better.

    ~Mark Sani, Coconut Grove


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