Batman’s Adam West has passed away

batman2You know when someone you don’t know passes away but you feel like they are friends? Friends in your head? Well that happened again today. Adam West, tv’s Batman passed away from Leukemia at age 88.

He’s one of those people that I feel is family. I never met him, never saw him at any ComicCons, but just from the 1960s series, he has always been a friend to me – in my mind. The Batman tv series was a huge part of my childhood. We didn’t have a color tv at the time, so I would go to my friend’s house to watch often. It was one of the first color tv series I ever saw.

The closest I ever got to him was seeing the Batmobile in one of the New York museums last year. I was in awe. The museum guard had to keep telling me to step back away from the car, I was getting so close to it.

It was on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

Here’s more on his passing.


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