Out Our Way

out-our-way.jpgOne of my favorite comics, Out Our Way by J.R. Williams is on GoComics, but they never update the page. Not sure why, but if you go into the archives, which are listed below the comic, you can see about a month’s worth from December 1930 and a handful from November of that year.

Not sure why they stopped publishing the reruns.

I’ve always liked this comic panel, I’m not sure where I read it because it’s way before my time, but I guess over the years it popped up in places. I like all the action in one single panel and all the dialog that fits.

I like Our Boarding House with Major Hoople, too and Hazel and so many single panel comics. Of course I love The Far Side. I guess that’s why I prefer doing single panel comics to comic strips.

Years ago, I got a rejection from one of the big syndicates, I had sent in a batch of samples for syndication. There was a note with the rejection slip and I don’t know if I was supposed to see it or not, but it said, “Too much like The Far Side!” Which was a negative thing to them cine I guess it was around the time that The Far Side ended publication. To me it was the highest compliment, even though I didn’t get a cartooning contract.

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