When your postage stamps are larger than the Sunday comics


These are the Miami Herald comics today. Look at the size of them, smaller than my postage stamps! I’m sure this isn’t just the Herald, these comics are microscopic all over the country in different newspapers.

I often wonder why the comics are treated with so little respect. Why print them at all if this is the result?

To be honest, I don’t read newspaper comics and I really haven’t for years because it’s so easy to read them online at so many comics sites now, and I follow many on social media, so they just pop up in my timeline and they are large or can be enlarged and they are colorful and pop out at you.

I finally reconciled with myself that I won’t have my comics in a daily newspaper in this lifetime. That was my goal since I’ve been a child, but I really didn’t keep up with the effort to get them published, so I have no one to blame but myself and when I am ready to start publishing daily, which I hope will be soon, I am now pleased to be part of the 21st Century by publishing online, where I believe there can be more readers and younger readers and they are shared more easily. And they are large, colorful and respected.



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