My comics and that homeless guy

Two updates on blog stories I posted recently.

1) I sent my new comic strip in to the syndicates on 11/11. One of them I mailed and four of them I managed to electronically send on 11/11 at 11:11 am. Two were email and two on their websites, so I filled in all the info and wrote the emails and at 11:11 am, I just clicked the send buttons one at a time. I had a minute to do it, so it was easy enough.

2) That homeless guy at McDonald’s. Well, I went back Sunday morning to get coffee and there he was again, only he wasn’t hiding in the bushes, he was standing at the exit to the drive-thru. An excellent place to be if you are panhandling. I had seen him chase him away from there but he was there Sunday. I gave him five bucks for ingenuity. I liked his Halloween comment last time. I think there’s a future for this guy.

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