How to publish Hal & High Water


Here is Hal from my new comic strip “Hal & High Water.”

I would like to start publishing in January or February of 2018. I sent in the strip to the five major syndicates and received two rejections.

To be honest, I don’t really feel I need the syndicates to get Hal up and running. I don’t want to be confined to editors or a newspaper schedule and I notice that even on the syndicates’ websites, features don’t always have a large following. So the way to go is to self publish.

And while I intend to publish on social media, mostly Facebook and Instagram,  I need a comic-based website to publish to daily. I’m debating on which one and how to go about it. I’m totally confused at this point.

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4 thoughts on “How to publish Hal & High Water

  1. Not clear why you need a comics-based website to publish to daily. Why not just set up your own webpage? Granted, you have to build your own traffic, but either you’re going to catch on or you’re not, no matter where you site it.

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    • I will, but I feel that people will not go out of their way every day to look at one comic strip on one website. I don’t. I think people congregate in groups. I feel that they will and do go to a website that has multiple comics and read through the ones they like there, like GoComics or Comics Kingdom or Webtoons, etc. If a single site has a blogroll, I’ll go through that blogroll, but I personally won’t go to random sites even if I like a comic strip or panel and I feel that is how most people read the comics these days.


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