It’s a comforting sound

newspapersThere are always articles on sounds from the past that are disappearing, you know, things like the bell on a typewriter or the sound of dialing a rotary phone and I realized that when I finally dump home delivery of my daily newspaper, that there will be a sound that I will miss – the sound the newspaper makes when it’s thrown on the front doorstep! It’s a comforting sound.

There was a time when the paper came about 4 am. Every once in awhile, I would hear it and comfortably go back to sleep. Then as the newspaper came later and later, I guess I wouldn’t hear the sound anyway due to the sounds of daily life, where at 4 am you don’t hear much else other than the paper hitting the porch.

In years to come, when all newspapers become digital, that will be a sound that is gone forever.

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