Different comics, different themes

The Gemini in me is always coming out when it comes to comics and comic strips. I am always coming up with different ideas and wavering on what to do. I have different theme ideas and comic ideas from strips to single panel cartoons.

What if they all could be done? Could they each have a short run, sort of like a tv season? Maybe have one strip about something run for three months then maybe have a single panel comic run for three or six months, then change that up to another type strip and so on. Is that a thing? Could it be a thing?

The comics would all be posted under one banner, “Tomversation” for instance and each series would run its course, sort of like these anthology series on tv like the “Killing Fields” or “American Horror Story.”


A Man Martin comic.

Man Martin sort of does that, but he does it daily. His “Man Overboard,” also called “Man Martin’s Inkwell Forest” has different people and different themes daily, I guess that is like a panel cartoon where each day is different but in this case, it’s a comic strip. But on the subject of different themes, he did something called “Billy and the Giant Frog” one time which I wrote about being one of my favorite comics. Little did I know at the time, that that was just a short theme and story line as part of the main Man Overboard comics. Billy and the frog ended and then something else took its place.

I like that.

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