Three more of my favorite comics

Here are a few more of my favorite comics. I read all three of these on Facebook, they pop up in my feed.

This first one, Billy and the Giant Frog is a bit weird because there is a giant frog in the background of each strip. In one of these first strips, the frog is mentioned, but in most of the strips, he is just there and not mentioned and I like the way the strip doesn’t have a punchline all the time, it’s just a slice of life. I like the drawings, too. And the frog, meh, I can do without him, but I won’t stop reading the strip just because he is there.

You can see the comic at Man Martin’s Facebook page here:




I like the Crowden Satz comics (above), too. Very funny and I like the drawing style. They can be seen on facebook here:


Joel Wilhelm’s The Sheltered Life, reminds me a lot of my own work, so I’m drawn to it (no pun intended). Joel’s tablet died recently and he has not been able to produce comics, but he set up a Go Fund Me page and he raised the money and in a week or so, he’ll be producing more comics, so I look forward to that. His Facebook page for the comics is here: You’ll notice he has some rough comics that he has done in his tablet’s absence.

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