Show me the money!

So maybe I should have waited before mentioning the PPP debacle yesterday, or maybe it helped. It seems like after filling out dozens of forms of all sorts, I finally received a notification from Chase as you can see below. So I’m glad to know the application made it through. Now I wait.

I have been keeping busy. I sent a few cartoons to The New Yorker and I sent a few to Readers Digest yesterday. Some years ago I had a lot of comics published in various magazines, I’m going to start submitting again.

In the past I sold a lot of cartoons to a magazine called “American Life” or something like that. After years of them publishing, and paying me well, I learned that they were owned by American Tobacco. That didn’t sit well with me.

And years ago I submitted a bunch of my comics to the National Enquirer, they loved the work but didn’t like the fact that I used a computer to shade some of the work, only I didn’t use a computer, I used Ben Day by hand and to think that now, everything is done by computer – shading, coloring, even drawing.


So at least I know they received my application

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