Our Boarding House

One of my all time favorite comic panels is Our Boarding House. I don’t know when I became aware of it but I’ve always loved it.

It was created by cartoonist Gene Ahern in 1921 and lasted until 1984 and most likely I remember the later ones, but lately I have been enjoying the ones from the 1920s which are published on Facebook daily and they are all done by Ahern, who passed the strip on to another cartoonist in 1936, so the ones below from 1927 are the best and in his prime.

I have always loved single panel comics and this one has a lot of text, which normally I don’t like, but Ahern has a way with words. The expressions he uses and the story line that continues each day in one single panel is something I really enjoy. Major Hoople’s nonsense at the boarding house run by his wife, is the basic premise of the panel.

Here are a few samples.

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