Word is getting out

I ran into a couple of neighbors the other day – downstairs at the front gate, we were waiting for deliveries – Instacart and UPS – our connections with the outside world. They mentioned my comics, they knew that publication date is coming up – May 4th.

Later in the day another neighbor called to say, “hi,” and check up on me and she knew about the comics, too. So word is getting out!

tomversationI’ve been promoting it a lot on social media and a couple of local publications wrote about my comics venture – when I say local, I mean local, one was a neighborhood newsletter and the other was a chamber of commerce newsletter – but still, I was well known around here for many years, so people are interested in what I’m up to these days and I’m glad to have the publicity for my Tomversation comic. And the nice part is that they contacted me and asked me about Tomversation.

It’s odd, as the editor of our daily news, I was in the middle of everything for so many years, now I am almost invisible. I choose the invisible part, I never was one for being “out there” but I had to be due to the situation. But now I liken myself to that old American Express commercial – “Do you know me?” Remember that? People were known for their names, but not their faces. I like that. I like it that way.

Anyway, again – my Tomversation comic panel will run daily starting May 4th. You can find it three places –
Online at TomFalco.com
Instagram here: instagram.com/tomversation.toons and at
Facebook here: facebook.com/Tomversation.toons 

Hope to see you at one of these places. Thanks!

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