Here’s today’s published comic and you know, what? I’m disappointed in myself. I forgot one big thing when it comes to shots – the vaccine shot! A reader pointed that out to me.

I should have had the ladies lined up getting vaccine shots in one of the panels.

I did this cartoon awhile back, so the vaccine and pandemic were not a thing at the time, but it would have been right on point if I had added the shots. Maybe I’ll redo it and post it with the vaccine shots once the vaccines are out.

Update: It was bothering me so much so I added a fifth panel!

He’s getting away!

We keep hearing “Stop the count!” and I thought of this cartoon for today – Count Dracula getting away!

There have been memes of The Count from Sesame Street, too. Lots of funny puns and stuff.

#stopthecount – the hashtag of the week? Or maybe #trackingkornacki for the tireless Steve Kornacki. His hashtag even comes with a little icon of himself!

Kornacki at work (never sleeps).

Political cartoons

I ran a sort of political comic yesterday (the native American one below) and this voting booth one today. Some people don’t like when I post political stuff. They have told me. But it’s all in fun. I’m not choosing sides and how could I not run a political cartoon or two when we have been enveloped in politics this whole political season.

Just this morning it seems that every commercial on tv is a last minute local political ad pushing for those last minute undecided voters – mayors, city council, senators, etc. The best part about tomorrow is that these non-stop commercials, many full of lies and exaggerations, will be gone.

But I’m glad that people read my comics to not read political stuff. That’s what I’m aiming for – good clean fun for the whole family, even those who call my stuff “boomer humor.” I guess they are trying to insult me, but they are reading me, so God speed. In the past I used to draw for the masses and then I kept hearing, “draw what you like and your audience will come.” And so I started doing that and it worked.

Glad to have you here and here. Thank you.

Comics I don’t understand

Yea! We made it at Comics I Don’t Understand, right here (at the bottom of their post). I checked the site like I do every day and there I was along with some other funny stuff!

If you’re not familiar with the site, it was started by Bill Bickel, who recently passed away. It’s one of my favorite sites.

It’s quite clever, not my cartoon, Bill’s site, who has been taken over by fans of the site, thanks to the generosity of Bill’s family. What I like about it is that I like comics that are hard to understand. I don’t like when it’s a daily thing for a comic panel or strip, but once in awhile I enjoy trying to figure out what a certain comic means, almost as if it’s a puzzle.

I know some people didn’t understand my contactless ordering comic at the time, luckily most did, as you don’t want everyone to question your work. But I feel when most do and some don’t it’s almost an insider’s club for thos who get it.

But I had to laugh when I saw it at Comics I Don’t Understand today. It’s almost like a wall of shame, where people are posted when they do something embarrassing in public, like fall or trip or something. It’s something you can enjoy and laugh about. You have to laugh at yourself, that’s what it’s all about!

Too close for comfort

Great minds? On September 1, I published this cartoon. And then a month an a half later, on October 15, two other cartoonists published these below. Interesting that they both published on the same day, what are the odds?

I hate when this happens. Too much similarities in comics, but I guess there are only so many subjects. Right?

I love how we all draw the Frankenstein monster, similar, but not.

This is the Argyle Sweater
This is Off the Mark

Accidental fan art

Yesterday’s cartoon could almost be fan art of one my favorite strips right now, which is “Crabgrass” by Tauhid Bondia. I didn’t do it on purpose, but thought it looked like fan art afterwards.

Crabgrass is about two friends, Kevin and Miles, in the 1980s. I find it hilarious and enjoy following their adventures daily. It’s interesting to follow the kids who don’t have cellphones and all the electronics we have today. Like we did when we were kids, they spend most of their time and adventures outdoors.

You can read Crabgrass on GoComics daily here:

Here are a few samples:

The affogato cartoon

Today’s cartoon may be a flop. Not sure. If you don’t know what an affogato is, it makes no sense. I think I only learned about an affogato a few years ago at a local gelato shop. I loved them and had them often.

I just laugh when I see this one. You either know or you don’t.

An affogato is gelato with espresso poured over it. I usually would get chocolate gelato with this. You get them separately usually and you pour the espresso over the gelato yourself. Try it. The mix between the cold and the hot and the espresso and the gelato is so great.

Life below zero

Yesterday’s “Ice Hole” cartoon got a big reaction and lots of shares on social media. I try to be cerebral but I guess the simpler and crazy ones are what the masses like.

This comic came to me while watching one of my favorite shows, Life Below Zero. I wasn’t really paying attention, I think I was dozing off, and I heard Chip Hailstone, one of the people on the show, say to his kids, who were going ice fishing, “Hey, there’s an ice hole!” And it made me look up and laugh and just totally struck me as being hilarious. And voil√† – there was a comic idea.

I played around with it a bit. At first there was a bear hibernating behind a bush and he heard the guys say “ice hole,” and he looked up with one eye open. It was titled, “Trouble Brewing,” but I couldn’t get the image setting right, so I made it another ice fisher.

Oh yea, one more thing. People think those are women. They are men. But as I see them as women, I think it’s even funnier – sort of like Lucy and Ethel go ice fishing.

I hate when that happens

This cartoon ran yesterday. People really liked it. It was shared hundreds of times on social media. Only there is a mistake – Patagonia is spelled wrong! An amateur mistake to be sure. A reader pointed that out to me so I panicked and changed it to the one you see here below.

It’s not the same, the shading in the background had to be changed to accommodate the change. But it’s bothering me because it’s such a popular cartoon and all those people who shared it, shared a misspelled cartoon. I don’t think they know, but I know and it bothers me, a lot.

I had every country in the world to choose from and I chose a country I didn’t know how to spell. Murphy’s Law.

What if it happened today?

This I Love Lucy comic was published today. It’s one of my favorites. I changed it a lot throughout yesterday, adding something, removing something, changing an arm, etc. It’s a classic episode that I think everyone knows.

I like taking something from the past, like a tv show, and putting it in the present to see how things would change. I did it with the Columbo comic in May and people liked it.

I have other ideas in mind for future comics and if you have any, feel free to email me with an idea of your own.