I wasn’t looking for compliments


I saw this Peanuts comic strip over the weekend and I wish I had seen it and copied it a few months back. You see I approached the head of one of the syndicates, the top guy, and I asked him to look at my work. I felt that it was not getting seen because they would reject my stuff so fast, you know, not even having time to look at it.

His response was, “I’ll be glad to look at your work, but I know you’re looking for compliments and that’s not what I’ll do.”

I was sort of dumbstruck and I would have sent this comic strip in response if I had known about it at the time. I was sending him my work for publication, not to get accolades.

Needless to say, he didn’t like my work, he put it down in not so many words and that was that. That’s the day I gave up on syndicates and decided to just go it alone.

I know it’s been a long time coming, but I will be publishing my Tomversation comic strip/panel soon.

Tomversation or Paws?


A bunch of my Tomversation panels. Different people. Different situations.

So the Gemini in me is rearing it’s ugly head. I am now off the “Paws” kick and now on the Tomversation kick. I have been working on my Tomversation comic panel.

So now it’s this way – On Labor Day, September 4. Either Tomversation or Paws will start daily publication. Maybe both!

I love them both. Paws is great because of the characters and I love Tomversation because it’s all over the place. Each day is a different cast and different subject matter and I enjoy coloring them, where Paws is basically black and white. Paws consists of the same characters, too, day after day, so the reader has a chance to get to know them and identify with them.

So as I work on both this summer, I guess the big reveal will be in September. I hope you’re following along!