Alaska is beautiful, but . . .

I’m still watching all those Alaska/wilderness shows like “Life Below Zero” and all, that I discussed here before, but I’m now wondering why these people put themselves through all that misery. I understand the wanting to be alone part, but the cold and misery. What is the point of living in 40 below zero. When Sue, the older lady breaks down on her snow machine and can’t get it through the snow and then needs to deal with a broken generator to try and stay warm, I wonder why.

When Jesse and his dogs try to collect enough cords of wood to make it through the winter and living without running water, because the pump broke, I wonder why. He says he prefers the cold tundra and harsh conditions to Hawaii.

And hunting marten, moose, ptarmigan, caribou and muskrat (bleh) for food or doing without. Why when in the Blue Ridge or Smokey Mountains, Harris-Teeter is not very far off.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to live in the mountains and rough it in North Carolina or on a Caribbean or South Pacific Island? They could still rough it, they just wouldn’t have to freeze to death doing it.

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