The list

I’m heading to New York and environs soon for a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll take you along.

Since the 1990s, I think, I’ve had a “travel list.” It’s a list of things I need to pack for my trips. I’ve always taken a carry-on bag, even in the winter, I am able to manage that in some way and I guess the list helps me from over-packing.

Anyway, I was getting the list out, to check it before I pack and I noticed there is something I have to add to the list. Face masks!

I’ve added and subtracted things to the list over the years, but it felt weird adding masks. I know I can easily purchase some in NY if need be, but I will need one for the airport and plane, so I don’t want to forget them.

Another thing I have added to the list are the workout/resistance bands I’ve been using. I haven’t been to the gym for almost a year and a half, but the workout bands are a great replacement.

I had bought a few different ones until I got what I liked. I use them all the time. They work. And they are so easy to throw into the luggage for traveling.

I should have saved the lists over the years, just to see what was on it in the past, which I have changed out over time.

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