These pesky resistance bands

tom-bandsI got the idea for today’s comic from my own experience with these resistance bands. I haven’t been to the gym since we’ve been self quarantining and I really miss it. I live in a condo, so I’m not keen on using heavy free weights that will drop and bang loudly on the floor. So I decided to buy these bands.

bandsThey are ok, not great, so I may not use them, but I will give them more of a try, I may grow to like them. I’ve been experimenting and watching a few videos online to see some of the techniques on how to attach them to a door and use them.

But I do miss the free weights. Even if the gyms were open now, I’m not even sure if they are or not, I’m hesitant about going at this point in time.

One thought on “These pesky resistance bands

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